Arizona InfraGard

Mission Statement

The mission of Arizona InfraGard is to help protect the nation’s infrastructure by supporting the priorities of the FBI and cultivating partnerships with the public and private sectors through bi-directional sharing of actionable information, training, and educational events.

A Collaboration for National Infrastructure Protection


WHAT WE DO: Because our members are vetted by the FBI, we engage in information sharing with sensitive but unclassified data via member to member, FBI to and from members, Intelligence bulletins to and from members and the Department of Homeland Security to members.

 Arizona InfraGard is an alliance between the Arizona Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and individuals committed to protecting the nation’s infrastructure and its people. The members, who are representative of all infrastructure sectors, public and private, identify and mitigate physical and cyber threats through information sharing. Arizona InfraGard promotes best practices, security awareness and training, community outreach, and the exchange of information between law enforcement and infrastructure owners and operators. For information on the National InfraGard effort visit

ARIZONA INFRAGARD ACTIVITIES: The Arizona chapter coordinates quarterly meetings on broad spectrum of security issues. Some meeting are open to the public and some are closed to Members only. Past events have featured presentations by security and information technology experts on a variety of physical and cyber security issues. In addition the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have provided subject matter experts and key leadership personnel to present on various security aspects, counter-terrorism efforts and historical events.

WHY WE WANT TO ENGAGE YOU: The key to protecting the nation’s infrastructure and people through information sharing is by involving multiple individuals and organizations in the sharing process. The more people sharing information on sound security practices, threats and vulnerabilities, the safer our country will be.

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