Annual Member Meeting Update.

As of June 8, 2020 Governor Ducey's  Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger order is still in effect.  This order requires all of us to take steps to help stop the spread of COVID-19 including "limiting the congregation of groups of no more than 10 persons when feasible".

To help ensure safety for all of us, the Annual Member Meeting has been postponed.  The date is October 16, 2020.

We now have our eyes set on October and look forward to warmly welcoming each of you to our in-person event.  When we do, we will continue to follow the guidance of the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and will make certain that we can all exercise adequate social distancing and other precautions appropriate to that time.

If you have not yet registered for the Annual Member Meeting, take this opportunity to do so by clicking here.

Sponsorships are still available.  If you know of an organization that would like to sponsor, please have them click here.

InfraGard Membership Application Process Has Reopened.

Due to COVID-19, the membership application process was temporarily paused and new applications were not being accepted.  That pause has ended and new membership applications are again being accepted.


Arizona InfraGard Membership Sign-up Link

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Members: Please Review Your InfraGard Member Privacy Settings

To ensure compliance with federal privacy laws and FBI policy, we are carefully reviewing how best to share targeted information with you while still protecting the choices you have made regarding your contact information. As an InfraGard member, you had the option to mark your profile as “private” when you applied for InfraGard membership. The “private” setting does not allow InfraGard National or your chapter leadership access to your member contact information, including your email address. Although we are still able to communicate with all members through the InfraGard portal, this setting prohibits you from receiving direct emails from InfraGard National or your chapter.

Many member profiles are currently marked as “private” because this is the default setting in the portal when a member signs up. Feel free to review your current privacy settings to ensure you are receiving the information you want at all times. You can do so, as follows:

  1. Login to the InfraGard secure portal at
  2. Click on TOOLS at the top right of the homepage after you log in (one of the main tabs).
  4. Review your PRIVACY SETTINGS.

If you wish to ensure InfraGard National and your chapter leaders can share information with you securely using other means than the InfraGard portal (such as html emails, newsletters, etc.), have your settings “Visible to members.”

We thank you for being an InfraGard member, working to enable law enforcement and our communities to collaborate to help mitigate threats and promote safety and security. Exemplifying leadership, patriotism and purpose, InfraGard’s vision is to provide meaningful contributions towards preserving human life and making our nation a safer, more resilient place for all. This wouldn’t be possible without you!