Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance


National Security/Risk Management Value Proposition: Empower the private/public sectors themselves to provide a risk mitigation driven solution for the timely mutual exchange of victim non-attributable cyber information on a ‘need to share’ basis between and among participating private sector, government, law enforcement and intelligence organizations. The goal is to deliver a timely, cost effective, actionable individual and/or collective response to protect individual critical sector corporate assets, and improve our national security through adopting a unique collaborative structure.

Mission: The Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance, Inc. (“ACTRA”) serves as the hub for collaborative cyber information sharing in a neutral environment of trust where partners from industry, academia, law enforcement and intelligence come together, leveraging cross-sector resources to more effectively analyze critical, real time intelligence and respond to emerging cyber threats to Arizona’s Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources.

Origins: The FBI’s AZ Infragard Program was established in 2000 and today has over 1,800+ private sector and government members focused on protecting the nation’s infrastructure through mutual information sharing. In early 2012 AZ Infragard initiated a Private Sector Volunteer Intelligence Program (“PSVIP”) planning effort to understand and respond to barriers to effective private/public sector bi-directional communication as part of a multi-year strategic plan. The planning was undertaken by the private sector with the active involvement of the FBI, the US Department of Homeland Security, and the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (“ACTIC”) under the Partnership for Arizona’s Safety & Security (“PASS”) umbrella. The ‘CSI AZ Initiative’ is the result of this strategic direction, research and interactive planning. In January 2013, AZ Infragard took the lead in CSI-AZ’s implementation by creating ACTRA an affiliated non-profit entity to serve as the self-governed private sector controlled hub for cyber information exchange and response.

Leadership: Frank J. Grimmelmann is President & CEO/Intelligence Liaison Officer for the non-profit Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (“ACTRA”), closely affiliated with the FBI’s AZ Infragard Program. In this capacity, Mr. Grimmelmann represents the private sector in the Arizona Counterterrorism Information Center (“ACTIC”), also serving as the first private sector representative on its Executive Board. He also serves as the private sector liaison to the FBI Cyber Squad, the ACTIC, and the FBI’s Arizona Infragard Program. ACTRA’s focus is to enable the private sector to respond to the escalating national cyber threat, and to leverage Infragard’s vast private sector volunteer membership as a force multiplier in protecting our Nation’s critical infrastructure and National Security. Mr. Grimmelmann served four terms as AZ Infragard’s President, and is presently on its Advisory Board. He is also a Phoenix Rotary 100 Member, and actively volunteers his time with a number of charitable organizations.